October 23, 2010

…big night!…

Yesterday was my Mom’s birthday! It was kind of a crazy day with school, the football game, getting some Kamryn time, and trying to squeeze in some celebrating time too!

We decided to go to dinner at Mei Lings before the game…Kamryn wasn’t too sure what to think!

vs. Royal 10-22 (2)vs. Royal 10-22 (3)photo 3photo 1

After dinner, Melissa and I headed to the football game. It was a pretty big game last night – one of the most anticipated of the year, against ROYAL!

Our boys did a great job and got a win against Royal, 50-14.

Bring it!!

Aprilvs Royal 10-22 teamvs. Royal 10-22 (8)vs. Royal 10-22 (11)vs. Royal 10-22 (12)vs. Royal 10-22 (13)vs. Royal 10-22 (14)vs. Royal 10-22 (19)

The cheerleaders performed a halftime routine – they did awesome!

Every week they make me more and more proud! I can’t wait to see what they do in the post season!

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Dave and Ang VISSER said...

Love the photos of Kamryn! Although I couldn't help but mimic her frown-- so cute, yet so sad!

Give her a big kiss for Auntie Ang & Uncle Dave :)