October 12, 2010

…darn bees…

  Usually when we eat dinner, Samson plays this game of “inside – outside.” He’ll go outside, want to come inside…not get a treat right away, so then he wants to go outside to try again. It gets old real fast.

Well last night, he was playing the game. I let him out for the third time and not 30 seconds later he came tearing back toward the house. I think he might have ran into the door!

All signs pointed to another bee sting. He was very nervous, running around the house, panting like a crazy dog, and licking his back right hip like crazy. I watched him for a while to see if he’d calm down. I looked up home remedies for dog bee stings. I tried putting an ice pack on it – he would not go for that at all. We had no Benadryl in the house. Great – I definitely was not interested in going to Pet Emergency - #1, it’s in Pasco - #2, it’s at least double what you’d pay at the regular vet.

He was not calming down at all, so I decided I’d better make the trip. Thanks, Mom, for riding with me!

Once there, I realized how much I appreciate our vet in Othello – in, out, no funny business.

Here – it took forever to see the tech, then another forever for the doctor to come in, and on and on.

I told them that last time he got stung, they gave him an injection and sent us home with some pills and it helped. They were not interested in the opinion of a wannabe vet. :)

So – 2 hours later, he had a shot, they shaved off his fur on his right hip so they could look for the stinger, and sent us home. Oh – pay your bill then stop by Wal Mart for some OTC Benadryl.


Poor guy – not only was he stung by a bee, but now he’s bald on his hip. Luckily he’s going to be groomed on Friday, so hopefully his friend Rhonda can help him out a little bit.

Hopefully that’s the last of the bees. Next year, I will pay to have our house and yard sprayed for bees & bugs since it’s got to be a heck of a lot cheaper than two trips to the vet.

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Jessica said...

What we do for our babies. Poor guy!!!