October 31, 2010

…field of dreams…

Dirt is moving fast around Connell lately – and not just because it’s been pretty windy!


Work on phase #2 of the Field of Dreams has begun with the work of dedicated local farmers & community members. When those guys put their minds to something, they don’t waste any time!



Eventually, this area will have 2 baseball fields and 2 softball fields –and it will complete the Field of Dreams that was started about 15 years ago.


Many many local farmers have donated their time and their equipment to get this job done. Just another reason why I love this community – people are so generous!



It’s pretty exciting to see the transformation day by day. I don’t know how all these farmers know how to also be excavators, but who am I to question them? Looks good so far!

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Mikaela said...

When I drove by on Saturday, I wondered what they were doing. That's exciting!!