October 9, 2010


The culmination of Homecoming week yesterday was pretty fun and exciting at CHS! It was extreme purple and gold day – you would not believe what students wear to school on that day! :) There were wigs, duct tape skirts, mismatched socks, and lots of football jerseys!

We had an assembly in the afternoon where the cheerleaders performed the stunt routine they’ve been working on this past week. They are awesome! We choreographed the routine on MONDAY and they performed on FRIDAY!

The crowd was encouraged to wear white to the game since Mabton is also purple & gold. So – we had shirts made for the cheerleaders. They’re pretty darn cute if I do say so myself! :) We got lots of compliments on them and I wish we would’ve planned far enough in advance to sell them.

 Homecoming vs. Mabton 10-8

 Homecoming vs. Mabton 10-8 (1)

 Homecoming vs. Mabton 10-8 (7)

The cheerleaders performed their routine again at half time. They did great again! I took pictures while Melissa videoed – but the video from the assembly turned out better since it was taken closer.

  Homecoming vs. Mabton 10-8 (9)

 Homecoming vs. Mabton 10-8 (10)

 Homecoming vs. Mabton 10-8 (11)

 Homecoming vs. Mabton 10-8 (12)

 Homecoming vs. Mabton 10-8 (13)

The homecoming royalty were brought in on cars as is the tradition. My uncle Mark was asked to drive his Trans Am – and our Eagle, Eli, was the freshman Homecoming prince that got to ride with Mark. and of course the princess, Emerith!

 Homecoming vs. Mabton 10-8 (14)

One of our cheerleaders, Sommer, was the sophomore Homecoming princess with her prince, Stefan Davidson.

 Homecoming vs. Mabton 10-8 (15)

 Homecoming vs. Mabton 10-8 (16)

It was a fun night – oh, and we won the football game – 62-0. :)

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Jessica said...

Great stunts. loved it!! You girls wore me out yesterday....I was in bed by nine:)