October 10, 2010

…i love the weekend…

What a great weekend!

It started with the Homecoming football game on Friday night – but the highlight was major accomplishments in quilting!!

Here’s me and Kamryn sporting white for the whiteout football game!

photo 1

Saturday morning, a bunch of us girls got together at the church to craft our hearts out! It was so fun to get together, chat, laugh, and get something accomplished! I spent a lot of time with Kamryn – including getting to snuggle her through two naps. Kate kept apologizing that I wasn’t getting much done, but I loved every minute of getting to hang out with everyone! Amy brought Colton and as much as he was curious about Kamryn, she wanted nothing to do with him. They were so cute! Kate got some cute pictures of the two of them, I think.

 photo 2

I was at the church from 9:30am to 8:15 pm! I started a new quilt yesterday – I already had all the fabric cut out, so I got to start at my favorite part – piecing! I got 38 out of the 48 blocks done yesterday. Then today, I got the other ten blocks done, plus did the binding for three quilts, and did a table runner!

 photo 3

I love this fabric of my new quilt! It was originally scrapbook paper – and I loved it in that form and made a few pages out of it. I was so excited when they made it into fabric!

 photo 4

This is a busy week ahead, so not sure if I’ll get much crafting done. The activities that are keeping me busy this week are fun so it’s all worth it! :)

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The Wieselers said...

I had so much fun Saturday! It was just what I needed, a little girl time with my sewing machine. Thanks again for planning it.