October 23, 2010

…lots going on this week!…

It was a busy week around the Koch household!

Some big things happened:

1. I got a new laptop! I’ve been wanting one for a while but afraid to take the plunge. I had my other laptop for 6 or 7 years and it did me good until the last two years probably. I wanted another one that would last just as long. I seriously shopped around a few weeks ago and decided to go for it. Once I found and configured the computer I wanted, it sat open on my desktop for a few days until I got enough nerve to push the “Purchase” button.  I’m so glad I did! It is smaller, lighter, and faster than my other one. Love it!

2. My Dad got hearing aides! This also has been along time coming! He decided it was time after he was in Minnesota last month. It’s already been life changing for him in less than a week! The first night he asked, has the clock always been that loud?! The only bad thing? We can’t talk about him behind his back now! Smile Just kidding.

3. Mom had a birthday! Friday birthdays are usually fun, but unfortunately we were all pretty busy on this particular Friday so we didn’t get to celebrate as hardy as we usually do. We’ll try to make up for it this evening with a big family dinner at Red Lobster!

This upcoming week is conferences at school, so no school for students on Wednesday and Thursday. I have to go into work at 9am on Wednesday and 12 on Thursday. LOVE IT! I really like the change in schedule for a few days – but am always glad to go back to the traditional schedule after that!

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