October 4, 2010

…playing catch up…

You’d think I loved sports from the past few blog posts I’ve had! Don’t get me wrong – I love cheering on my students and socializing at the games!

However, there is more going on in my simple life than sports!

This last weekend, I went on a girls overnight trip with Jessica, Fran, and Bobbie. We went to Spokane, hit up the new Hobby Lobby, did a little shopping at the Valley Mall, ate lunch at Wingers, and then went to the Highland Spa in Post Falls.

I have never been to a spa before, so I was pretty excited. We were there for about two hours and we got a mud mask for our hair, a facial, a foot bath and foot massage, an upper body massage, and hand & foot paraffin dips. Jess took some pictures, but I’m not sure if they’ll ever be published. I’m sure we looked hot hot hot in our one-size-fits-most (?!) robes and hair turbans. :) I will admit that I was a little nervous for the massage, but I actually enjoyed it. My neck & shoulders had been hurting earlier in the week and I’d had a headache for three days straight, so I was anxious to see if the massage would help. The muscles in my neck/shoulders are still painful to the touch, but my headache is pretty much gone. The paraffin was probably my favorite though!

After the spa, we took our wet hair, no makeup on selves to Cabellas to pick up guys. :) Just joking – that’s what the other girls told their husbands. haha. Actually, Jessica talked all day about these roasted nuts from Cabellas that were so delicious, soooo we HAD to see what the fuss was all about! Let me tell you, they were worth the trip! I loved the pecans – I even looked up a recipe for them today!

We headed back to the hotel, ordered pizza, talked and talked, ate two or three yummy chocolate chip cookies from the lobby, went for a dip in the pool & hot tub, talked and talked, and went to bed so we could get up for round two the next day!

On Sunday, we enjoyed the continental breakfast – homemade waffles! – and headed out to Target, Goodwill, and Value Village. I like Value Village this time of year with all the Halloween costumes out! We did some shoe shopping and then, as if we hadn’t had enough pampering the day before, we got pedicures at my favorite nail salon in Spokane. We had lunch at The Onion and headed home.

It was a great weekend – and a wonderful little getaway. It was fun to spend time with Jessica, Fran, and Bobbie! Already looking forward to the next time!

photo 1

Our friend Bonnie got the doggies these shirts that we tried on them the other night:

Samson’s says “I AM the grandchild!” and Coco’s says “It’s a good thing I’m cute!” They weren’t so sure about them…

photo 2

At Hobby Lobby this weekend, I found the cheerleaders some fun new ribbon, so at practice today I was cutting it up for the girls. Melissa & I had fun with the leftovers. :) The cheerleaders are working on a kick butt stunt routine for the big Homecoming assembly on Friday. I’m not sure if we’ll get to do it for halftime at the game, but hopefully for the last home game in two weeks for sure.

photo 3

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