August 31, 2010

...first day of school...

I could blog about the first day of school and how crazy it was and how awesome the cheerleaders did at the assembly and how tired I was after school....BUT I figured this would be a lot more enjoyable for my blog readers. :)

(I do need a vent a little before I go on. The cheerleaders rocked it today at the first day of school assembly. I mean ROCKED it. We were only told on Friday that they would actually be given time to do something at the assembly. So, yesterday - YESTERDAY - they learned the entire routine. Cheer, transition to dance, cheer with stunt (that they learned on Friday!), cheer to transition to the dance, then dance with stunt. It was 4 minutes of nonstop action. They did it without a mistake! They made a difficult routine look so easy! I was so proud of them. They worked really hard to get that ready and perfected! I was so irritated when I was back in my office at lunch and overheard the teachers in the teacher's room saying "I thought we decided last year the cheerleaders were never going to be used as filler." I wanted to march in there and say - "You guys don't even know, let alone appreciate how hard these girls work EVERY day to produce something that shows the pride they have in representing their school. Every second of that 4 minute routine was planned and not one bit of it was filler. Where is your pride in the students you teach and the school you work at?!" Vent over.)
{My apologies to the CHS teachers who read my blog. Most likely you weren't even in the teachers room at lunch. :)}

Back to quilting:
I made this table runner while at Priest Lake. I had these strips left over from a quilt I pieced and wanted to use them up. I thought I was being creative only to come home to a tutorial on another blog pretty much identical to this one. Ah well. I'm not a tutorial writer. I'm a tutorial copier. :)

Remember - I love straight line quilting right now?! :)

Fabric: Verna by Kate Spain
Pattern: by Marcie
Quilted by: Marcie


Jessica said...

Do you need me to come over there and kick some cheer bashing ass???? Cause you KNOW I will. Text me and let me know who it was...I will send some bad juju there way.

sisters4saymoreismore said...

are you kidding me! you are such a ridiculously awesome quilter!!! i sadly have a hard time sewing straight lines.. its embarassing... never look closely at ANY of the hems on any hting i make... :)
super cute blog!