August 13, 2010

...getting things checked off my list...

I set out this morning to whip through my to do list...
I started off great...

I took pictures of all the quilts & sewed some labels on the back of a few.

I can't share them yet because I don't want to spoil the surprise for any of the recipients!
I basted, quilted, and sewed the binding a baby quilt. I have one more to do before the weekend is over.
My Dad came down with my January-June 2010 blog book that had just been delievered.
I got a little distracted looking at it... whoops... :)

Then, Dad and I finally put together this shelving unit to hold our Longaberger baskets & accessories.
I put some of the baskets on there - not really sure how to organize it right now.
{My Mom will be mortified to see that I posted a picture of our store room on my blog. Don't look close!}
I got a baby gift shipped off this afternoon...
and...that's pretty much where checking items off my to-do list ended.

There's always tomorrow!!

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