August 16, 2010

...cheer camp day #1...

Today was our first day of cheer camp - the first day all the squads worked together as a team! They did great! They're learning new dances & cheers to perform at the first day of school assembly and at the Eagle's Nest BBQ!
Props to the girls - it was so hot today (and supposed to be hotter tomorrow) and they all participated with great attitudes and worked hard all day long.

This is the 2010 camp t-shirt design. We'll be taking orders for these t-shirts beginning at the Eagle's Nest BBQ for $15.
(Just had to plug. I think they're pretty cute shirts!)

After camp this afternoon, we had team pictures with Dorian's.
And surprisingly, they still had a lot of energy left after camp to hold up the goal posts!!


Jessica said...

Looks like fun. I watched Dora yesterday and attempted to clean my slum of a house---not quite as much fun:) I may be crashing practice sometime!!!

Jessica said...

When is the eagles nest bbq??? Me and Em probably need to come visit??:) I am a loser I know to miss Connell activities, but holy heck I wanna be there!!

John and Karie said...

aw. that makes me miss Cheer! how fun. Looks like you have a good group of girls. I think i'll be home for the othello game! I can't wait...lets be honest though i won't be watching the game as much as the cheerleaders. :)