August 30, 2010

...happy birthday to Melissa!...

Melissa's birthday always seems to last the entire month of's a rundown of ALL the celebrations for her big day!
Happy 2-6 Melissa!

We began the celebration of Melissa's birthday on Saturday. She spent the day in the Tri-Cities with Amy & Jessica getting pampered. Mom, Dad, Grandma, & I took her to Outback (her fav!) for our annual birthday dinner.

I spent Sunday morning feverishly sewing together this bag for Melissa's birthday present. I've had this fabric for MONTHS and of course, waited until the very last day to make it. In my defense, I did start a few weeks ago, royally screwed up when cutting the fabric, and had to sew it back together - just to re-cut it. Needless to say, it was in time out most of the summer. :)
Our good friend Stephanie Melgren wanted to make Melissa a cake for her birthday. I'd found this cute cake design in a magazine last year - and since today was also the first day of school for the elementary - this was the perfect cake for such a special day!
(Sorry about the picture - blogger retardedness!)

She made the first day of school slash birthday party fun for her 2nd graders. They all got birthday hats with their nametags on them!
At cheer practice this afternoon, the girls brought cupcakes and supplies for Melissa's birthday! They were so excited! I "borrowed" this birthday hat from one of the students today with the promise to return it tomorrow! He made sure I promised to bring it back!

When we got home after practice, Mom had Melissa's favorite dinner ready -
Strawberry Almond Chicken Salad. YUM!

Melissa insisted that she use the "RED PLATE" - which probably hasn't been used in 5+ years - but we always used to get to use it on our birthdays.

Even Samson wanted to give her a special birthday hug and kisses!

I think she had a pretty rad birthday - even if it had to be on the first day of school!

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