August 11, 2010

...the end of summer break...

So, I woke up on Monday morning already feeling sorry for myself that I only have one week of summer left. I know that those of you with full-time, non-teaching jobs probably just threw up a little in your mouth, but hey - it's my blog and I get to write my feelings in it!
I love summer just because on most days I get to wake up and decide, what am I going to today?! I could be lazy and watch The Today Show while blog-stalking or I could get ambitious and do something!

Anyway - when I woke up on Monday, I knew I needed to get my act together and get ready to go to Priest Lake with Melissa. We wanted to get up there in the early afternoon so we could spend some time with our cousin Lisa and her family. had other plans.

Samson went outside with my Dad and came back in acting totally spastic. He was running around acting like a crazy dog. My Dad said he thought Samson got bit by an insect. Dad went outside and when he came back in he said, "yep - he got stung by a bee" and had the dead bee in his hand. Poor Samson got stung between the hind legs and was so uncomfortable. He couldn't sit down at all. He was panting hard and could not relax. I decided to call the vet - of course, they said to come in asap.

Mom & I ran him to the vet in Othello. They gave him a shot of Benadryl and sent us with some pain reliever/anti-inflammatory pills. It took him a while to settle down, but he finally did and was able to rest comfortably on the way to Priest Lake. Poor guy!

We got to Priest Lake in time to see the Reins and boogie with dancin' Frances a little bit.

Melissa and I came home from the Lake today. I think it was our last time there, most likely for the year. If we're lucky, we might get to go for an overnight later in September.

We came home and one of my favorite bloggers and quilters started a pattern business! WAHOO!! Check it out:

The next few days will be spent with finishing up some craft projects, organizing the craft room, and getting some stuff done for work.
Not counting the days...not doing it. :)

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