September 1, 2010

...second day of school...

Today was a pretty wild day - scheduling, meetings, reconnecting with students, checking credits, etc. etc. etc. I'm trying my best to remember how relaxed and rejuvenated I felt while sitting on the deck at Priest Lake! My desktop photo on my computer at school is from the deck at Priest Lake - so I should get to look at that view all day long, but usually there are so many other open windows that I never see the desktop!

Yesterday, my friend and co-worker, Jessica, stopped by and said "they straightened your name plaque!" No way! The plaque with my name has been super crooked underneath the "counseling" plaque since the day I moved into that office. I guess they must've decided I'm not leaving after 4 years, so they straightened it out! Now, if only I could get my name spelled right on the district email. It's Marci on there, not Marcie - so NO ONE spells my name correctly and even if they do, they think it's a mistake.

After school today (which included a 2 1/2 hour long meeting), we had a great cheer practice getting ready for the Eagles Nest BBQ tomorrow. I'm just so impressed with how quickly these girls catch on!
After that, I went to the Dream With Me Preschool's Open House. The preschool is run out of our church and I'm on the board of directors of the preschool. So - got to spend 3 hours with lots and lots of kids while their parents had a informational meeting with the preschool teachers. (Not 3 hours straight - one session came for 1 1/2 hours and then the other session came for 1 1/2 hours. The meeting probably lasted 1/2 hour of that 1 1/2 hours.) I got to spend some quality time with Miss Libby Clark, so that was very fun!

I was pretty excited to come home and find this in the mail:
(Not a great picture, but it's an Origins by Basic Grey Jelly Roll!)
One of my favorite online quilt stores ( has begun hosting a chat on Tuesday nights (Talkin' Tuesday - #talknt) on Twitter. They have a giveaway during each chat - and I won last week! YAY!
I'm pretty excited to use it - it's browns, yellows, and greens. So pretty!
Definitely brought sunshine to my day! Thanks Natalia @ Piece 'N Quilt!

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Jessica said...

I love that they fixed your name plate. I remember mine did not get put up forever when i started---then it was spelled wrong!!! Then they got a new one and it took forever to put up. THEN I GOT MARRIED:) that really rocked someones world:)