August 4, 2010

...grand opening...

I'm back from Priest Lake for a few days...and I'll blog about that...{soon}...

{Gotta go back to get the rest of the stuff to bring home!! I remember watching movies where people loaded up their cars and moved to their vacation house for the summer and thinking that would be a fabulous life. Guess what. I've arrived!}


Mom, Samson, & I stopped by the brand spankin' new Farm Chicks store on our way through Spokane. I'm probably the newest member of the I-Love-the-Farm-Chicks Club, but I'm a proud card carrying member!

Mom, Melissa, and I went to The Farm Chicks Antique Show earlier in June and were totally amazed & overwhelmed! Surely everything Serena puts her little finger on is equally as amazing!

Well - at the new store - it's super cute & cheery in kinda a dumpy area. I wasn't sure where a Farm Chicks store would be. Definitely not in a new strip mall. Definitely somewhere with a little charm, character, and personality. This place fits the bill.

Inside wasn't as awesome as I'd hoped. It's really just Farm Chicks merchandise - not really any kitschy cute antiques. I bought some cupcake liners and heart shaped pins.

Hopefully next time is a little more exciting!