March 1, 2009

[ update ]

It's been a busy couple of days...
I have something real fun to write about, but I need to take a couple pictures first before I post a blog about it.

So, to begin with, I've been reading... :) wow. I would like to keep track of the books I read in 2009. So, here's what I've read so far in 2009:

Here's what I'm currently reading:

Here's what's on my shelf for my Spring Break:

So, anyway, here's a good story. :) I have been working for about two weeks on a simple baby quilt for my friend Stephanie who is having baby girl #2 on Tuesday, March 3. We went to elementary through high school together and even sorta went to college and grad school together! While I was at Whitworth, Steph was at Gonzaga. We spent sooo much time together - having fun, studing, experimenting at Starbucks, dining at Casa de Oro, and shopping! :) She lives in Missouri now, so I haven't seen her in probably 4 years (AH! Has it been that long?!). She married a great guy and they have a beautiful daughter, Katelyn. Their beautiful blessing #2 is set to arrive on Tuesday.

SO - I've been working on this quilt. It's definitely challenging my skills as a novice quilter. To save some time (and skip the skills I definitely DO NOT KNOW yet - machine quilting, heck - hand quilting, binding, etc.), I decided to sew this quilt inside out, flip it right side out, and tie it. I'm not a big tied quilt fan, but this baby is coming and I'm neck deep in other committments and don't have time to teach myself these skills that I lack.

I've become decent at piecing a quilt together, but everything that happens once the top is pieced together is frightening. Last night, I put the pieces of the quilt together (top, bottom, and batting) - figured out how to put the walking foot onto my machine - said a little prayer, and put the quilt to the needle. Straightness issues aside, I sewed around the entire quilt except for the 8" at the end that I kept open as the space to turn the quilt inside out. I was pretty excited to get that far so I was going to turn it right side out to see what it looked like (especially with the non-straight stitching). I realized that I put the batting between the top and bottom fabrics like I was going to bind it. If I were to turn it right side out now, the batting would be on the outside, not the inside. AH! It took me two hours last night to rip the seams maddening. Not that I'm under pressure - did I mention the baby is due on Tuesday and she lives in Missouri?! Plus, Jessica offered to help me tie the quilt and I am going to take her up on that offer - on MONDAY! (tomorrow!) So, guess what I'm doing before church today?!

In addition, I've been working on the Junior Miss booklet (anyone mildly proficient in Microsoft Publisher and would like to help with JM next year? I'm ready to pass this job on...) which I need to take to the printer tomorrow, organizing all the information that has to do with the Beta Craft Retreat, and I'm supposed to be working on WASL stuff this weekend, but I realized I only got home with 1/4 of what I need to work on it, so it will have to wait until I get back to school tomorrow.

Exciting life, huh? So, I'm off to try to sew my quilt the right way. Wish me luck!


Arin said...

Good luck- I am sure it will turn out beautifully. I just had a neice born today-and I can't wait to see her.

daisiesnlilacs said...

hey Marcie- found you! Don't stress over the other blog. You have a lot on your plate. Don't you hate it when you have to seam rip? I would've been frustrated too. But at least you kept with it. It will be so cute when you are done. Make sure to post pictures so we can see it.