March 3, 2009

[ sacrifice ]

We had a great assembly at school today...we recognized the wrestlers and basketball players, the band played, we sang the fight song, a teacher got his hair shaved...

and we honored one of our own.

My friend, high school classmate, and now, fellow CHS co-worker,

Oscar Garza
is being deployed to Iraq for his 2nd tour of duty.

Stephanie & Oscar Garza

The ASB had a wonderful tribute to him and Mr. Clark even sang "I'm Proud to Be an American" (with the school joining in on the chorus) - the most meaningful was a video they put together with lots of students and staff members wishing Oscar good luck. He is so well-respected by the was great to see how much he means to them.

DJ and Oscar Garza
(DJ is Oscar's sister and organized his send-off - so special.)

Once the assembly was over, practically the entire student body rushed to the floor to all give him hugs. It was a tearful moment. Seriously - I was in tears. I tried to keep it together, but it didn't work so well.

Oscar's wife, Stephanie (also a classmate), is so strong. She is incredible - I don't know how you do it.

Here's the link to the Tri-City Herald article:

These pictures are from the Tri-City Herald online photo gallery...


The Perkins said...

They are just so darn nice--how can you not wanna hug them both. She is a stronger woman than I am--I would be stealing Todd off to another state and getting a new identity to keep him from going over to that hell again. Oh I cannot believe war--what a horrible part of life!!!

Olivieri Portrait Design said...

That is so cool. And I'm glad the HS kids got to be apart of that. Might have been a reality check for some!

Jake & Hannah said...

Oscar (and Stephanie) both deserve all the recognition they get! What they are both doing is very admirable.

Whitney and Vaughn said...


Thanks for posting this. It definitely reminds me of the value I place on my freedoms (although sometimes I get caught up and am not appreciative enough). I'm so grateful for inidividuals like this, and I'm sure the hs kids really loved this too!

Have a great day, missy:)!!

Arin said...

Amazing story-I am so glad that he left feeling loved. My prayers will be with him, Stephanie and their kiddos..I hope he won't be gone long.