March 8, 2009

[ oldies but goodies ]

I have been lucky this weekend to be able to catch up with some old high school classmates...
I saw Jeff Colby at the basketball game on Friday - that was a surprise! I never expected to see him there. He's a pilot for the Air Force (I think that's the right branch of the military) and is usually stationed in Italy and flying to the Middle East everyday. He said he just flew in for the weekend...nice. Anyway - it was great to see him. It's been a few years, I think...
Then, yesterday, was Alan Scheenstra's memorial service. There were lots of friends there to catch up with: Isidro and KayLynn, Juanita and Fred, Lindsay and BJ, Alex, Somchay, Josh, Ismael, Jason and Irma, and Jessica. Alan's wife organized a nice service and all the people that were gathered there reflected parts of Alan's life. The only thing missing was Alan - he would've loved being there with everyone.

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