March 15, 2009

[ 2009 Junior Miss ]

Well, another Junior Miss year is over. "Everybody Dance Now" was a great success. I am so proud of all of these girls. They worked incredibly hard over the past three months and showed poise, grace, integrity, and beauty. They are a wonderful group and will be well represented by Miss Sarah McGary as the 2009 Connell/North Franklin Junior Miss. The finalists are Brianna Casper, Chelsea Baker, and Maira Viveros. I'm excited for Katelyn Knight - the Talent award winner, Shannon Jorgenson - Be Your Best Self award, Samantha Fox - Inspiration and Spirit Award, and Lisa Pranikay - Scholastic Award.
I'm excited for what the next year has in store for these girls. What an opportunity!
{And as far as the status for the 2010 Junior Miss...we hear there is at least 15 girls ready to sign up. AH! We'd have our hands full!!}

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Brian and Jennifer said...

Great job with Junior Miss! It was a lot of fun! You're probably glad its over. Jen