March 19, 2009

[ random thoughts on a Thursday ]

Just some random thoughts today...

1. Everyone was a little on edge at school today. Pair a gang shooting in Othello last night with a text going around about a gang initiation planned at a Wal Mart (the Tri-City Herald issued a press release saying the text is a hoax and has been circulating throughout the country today). Anyway, we were on high alert this afternoon, which never hurts. The staff was instructed to all be outside after school today just in case - it was funny to hear the comments from the students. Nothing gets by them!

2. I've been reading about the series finale of ER and I'm sorry I missed it last week. It sounds like all my old friends were back. I loved ER in high school & college, but once all the originals weren't on anymore, it didn't feel like the same show. Let's be honest, once Doug & Carol moved to Seattle, I was out. :)

3. I'm feeling the urge to craft. It's seriously an urge. Like, when I'm at work - I can hardly wait to get home sometimes. But then I get home, and I can hardly wait to sit down and relax. I'm still pretty run down from last weekend, I'm afraid.

4. I have a few people on my mind lately - a kid from school that's also in the Youth Group had surgery last week and isn't recovery very well; and, also my friend's mom had a suspicious spot come up on a recent scan. Lots and lots of prayers for them.

5. Counting down the days until Spring Break! Three & a half more days with kids (we have two conference days next week). Oh - and we had WASL this week, which means three straight periods of the same class for the kids not taking the WASL. Many of the classes, especially the Spanish classes, have made food - so they've shared the leftovers in the teacher's room. I love authentic Mexican food - it's delicious!!

6. I bought the supplies to make this:
It brings back memories of my Grandma Jean's house and of my friend Kristiane. I think I remember either Kristiane or her mom Laurie making these when we were real young. Kristiane, help me out here! :) I thought this would be fun in my office when I get it finished.
7. I wore capris and flip flops to school yesterday and today. It's 60 stinking degrees here today!
8. If you're around Connell and you want an afternoon of entertainment on Sunday, come to the Connell UMC church. Our youth group is hosting a fundraiser after church to raise money for the Mission Trip. We're having a baked potato bar followed by the Friendship Game Show! It will be played like the Newlywed Game with 10 couples/pairs of friends. The kids have been working real hard on it and I think it will be a lot of fun!


The Perkins said...

Sounds like your life is at least calmed down a little. You must come see emersyn walking around soon--she is very proud of her new talent. PLUS you can come and craft with me ANYTIME. I have been in a rut, didn't wanna do anything, but now I am back and ready to sew sew sew. Hope to see you soon.

Countrylivn' said...

OH I love ER, we (I have convinced my husband that he loves it too, and he does) have been quiet addicted lately, I never watched it much in the old days here and there, enought to know what is going on, so I can like all the newbies, (DR. Gates, aka Uncle Jesse), but of course I watched a little when Clooney was on, come on who didnt.... to bad you missed last week, OHHHH just talking about it makes me excited!!! I could go on and on....