August 8, 2012

.the dewulf’s.

The stars aligned and Mom & I got to have lunch with the DeWulf’s on their way through Spokane.


I miss them SOOOO much. I spent a lot of time with their family when I was in grad school. It was so fun to see the kids. It’s been two years since I’d seen them!

Clayton is going to be in 9th grade, Jack in 7th, Little Lukie in 5th!, and Liddy in 2nd. That Liddy is a crack up! I think the funniest thing she was telling us was about Ronda wearing matching pajamas to bed. Liddy: “Why do you have to wear matching pajamas to bed? No one sees you there!” She’d obviously considered this for awhile! :)

I’m so glad it worked out to get to see them, even if for a short while. LOVE them!

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