August 26, 2012

.a little sewing kit.

I saw a cute little travel sewing kit in a picture on Camille’s Instagram last week…and although I have absolutely no need for it (I use a cute Vera Bradley zippered pouch), I have been waiting all week for a few spare hours to whip one up. I finally got some time this morning to play!
I used this tutorial from Lots of Pink Here: It’s a really well-written tutorial. It took me about 4 hours, start to finish, but I could make it faster now that I know what to watch for.
I dug through my bag of Bliss, Ruby, & Vintage Modern scraps to come up with the pieces for this. I have an abundance, so the hardest part was narrowing it down!!
I used my new Bernina Stitch Regulator for the first time to free-motion quilt some pebbles on the front. I have a lot of practice to do before I would do it on a quilt, but not bad for the first time! :)
photo 1
It folds into thirds and ties in the front.
photo 3
There is a pocket and a spool holder…
 photo 2 
A spot for scissors (mine are too big – guess I’ll have to get a new pair!) and a needle holder.
photo 4
I think this spool holder is pretty cool!
 photo 5
This was a fun little Sunday morning project! I love that kind!

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