August 14, 2012

.proud new owner.

While we were at Priest Lake, my sewing machine died. Well, it didn’t completely stop working, but I was using my muscles to PUSH the fabric through…it just wouldn’t feed, it was very squeaky, and the stitch length wouldn’t go up or down no matter what I did. When we got back last week, I took it into the repair shop and they said it would cost $119 just to clean it and take a look at it. The machine only cost $175, so I did not want to spend that much on it. The lady also said it was probably the circuit board, which would bump up the cost to repair it by A LOT!

So…a new machine was in my future…and I knew just what I wanted! I had gone to Janean’s Bernina in Pasco last spring to look at machines for “someday.” I wanted to start saving my money, but Bernina doesn’t put their prices online since every independent dealer can be flexible on what they charge, so I didn’t even know what my goal should be.

The guy at Janean’s had me try the 550 QE…and the stitch regulator. I was IN LOVE. It was so smooth and perfect! Since that day, I’ve done a lot of research online and read reviews of the machine. On Friday, when I decided it was time to get a new machine, I knew right where to go. My Mom and I went to Janean’s, I test drove the machine again, they had one in stock, and before I knew it, I was the proud new owner of a Bernina 550 QE. WOW!

photo 1

I love love love it! I’ve made a quilt block-of-the-month  with it, a bag, and pieced some blocks so far and it’s beyond awesome!

 photo 2

I got to play most of the day on Saturday, trying different stitches and stuff. I can do the basics, but there is so much more it’s capable of. Three classes came with the machine, so I definitely want to take advantage of those.

The only disappointment is that it didn’t come with a “Barbie box” to contain all the accessories. This one just isn’t as fun! My Mom wants me to wait until my birthday to get it, but I’m not a very patient person when it comes to stuff like that!

 photo 3

And this was how excited Samson was about my new toy! He slept like this in the craft room the whole time I was in there! Glad we’re both doing something we enjoy!

 photo 4

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