August 20, 2012

.still a Barbie fan.

When I was younger, I loved going to my Grandma Marcial’s and playing with my Mom’s Barbies. She had this awesome case that doubled as a wardrobe and the Barbie Dream House, circa 1961.


My Mom had this Barbie but with brown hair. The closet was filled with Jackie O inspired Barbie clothes. It was so fun to dress her up in the pretty clothes.


Fast forward 20+ years. I became the proud owner of a Bernina.

 photo 1

Other Berninas come with this super fun accessory case that many people refer to as their Bernina Barbie case. My model didn’t come with a Barbie case, which I was a little disappointed about. It’s so cute and fun! I thought I’d try to live with the other accessory case, at least until my birthday or Christmas. Well, I’ve had my Bernina just over a week and found myself in the store this afternoon buying the Barbie case. I just couldn’t live without it!

 photo 2

Look how cute everything is all lined up!

 photo 3

I would love to add another row of bobbins…I think you have to buy more hangers separately.

My little tools fit in the smaller drawer: seam ripper, cleaner, oil, screwdriver, & allen wrench.

 photo 4

The larger items fit in the larger drawer just perfectly.

 photo 5

And now, I am a more than satisfied Bernina owner. I love it…so so much!

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melissa said...

i thought you were going to add the picture of you & holiday barbie in this post! :)