August 8, 2012

.lake time.

These are random shots from throughout the whole summer…a little glimpse into our “Lake lives.”

We like to play games there – mostly Rummy, but Melissa’s friend Nichole taught us Speed Scrabble a couple of years ago. The excitement of it has worn off for me, but I’ll play along with everyone else once in a while. I challenge myself to create the longest words! I was pretty impressed with “libraries!”


The dogs…they are frequently photographed at the lake. Apparently they’re not as cute at home! HA!


They have a love/hate relationship with the beach and the water!



Mom and I like to sit with our chairs in the water in the afternoon and read, watch the boats go by, talk to the neighbors, and enjoy the scenery. It looks a little like this:


Samson does not like it when I’m in the water and he’s on the beach. Heaven forbid that he step into the water to get to where I am. He is so spoiled…I put him in his own chair next to me. It’s ridiculous, but so much less annoying that hearing him whine and whine and whine. The neighbors across the lake just loved seeing Samson in his chair and insisted that I took a picture!




A resort near us, Hill’s, added on to their deck this year and really improved their outdoor seating. Mom & I loved going there for lunch and drinks. Beautiful view…


We took Grandma there for lunch one day too!


And our Wednesday night tradition….Sushi Wednesday at Hill’s with Mike & Sadie Wagoner. We LOVE going for sushi and to listen to our favorite local singers.
“Goin’ to the lake…I just can’t wait…the more I wander, the more it calls out to me.”


While Grandma was at the lake, she helped me with my quilting…she pressed 200+ squares and cut my chain-pieced pieces. I could get used to help like that!

 IMG_2108 IMG_2109

One afternoon we took a drive to Deer Lake to visit the Vanderbilt’s and Mauseth’s to see what their place was like. Emma took this picture with Coco to send to Melissa! I told Melissa we should give Coco her own blog or Facebook page and post “where in the world is Coco?” pictures! She sure gets around!


It was fun to visit Deer Lake, but we do love where we’re at. We are so lucky!


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