May 17, 2012

.pretty eventful day.

With the end of AP testing yesterday, I went to work today thinking it would be an easy breezy day. I should know better than to EVER think that because just then, the OPPOSITE happens! haha It wasn’t a terrible day – just busy!

Cheer order forms are due tomorrow so I’ve been getting LOTS of cheerleaders in my office and lots of phone calls from parents!

I put up a bulletin board this morning showing where the class of 2012 is going after graduation…then had to redo it. Thanks to Jennifer’s help, got it done quick and heard lots of comments about it this afternoon!

photo 1

That is one thing I gleaned from my internship that I knew I would continue to do. I missed last year, but was determined to get it done this year. I like to put it up before LEAP presentations so the parents & families can check it out when they come to the school.

Esther and I went to eat lunch at…wait for it…SUBWAY in CONNELL! I still can’t believe there is a chain restaurant in Connell! Subway is not my favorite place to eat – but it’s great to have more options here!

photo 2

I have been stalking the OSPI database online for the March HSPE results and COE results for a few weeks now. I was super excited to see that it had been updated this afternoon and even more excited to see a few of our students met standard on the COE. Translation: 3 out of the 6 seniors that were still not guaranteed to graduate are now going to graduate for sure! Esther and I called them in right at the end of school to let them know and let me tell you, it was an emotional moment.

Add in a fight, new students, a lesson on profiling, a senior failing a class he needs to graduate, and class officer elections to make one full, but fulfilling day!

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