May 11, 2012

.strike a pose.

Mom & I stopped by the mall last night to see this:

photo 1

Melissa and Amber as live models in the window at Buckle!
It was Mom’s Night Out at the mall so there were specials in all the stores, food samples from the mall restaurants in the center of the mall, pregnant women, and strollers everywhere!

Melissa and Amber had to model for a half an hour and then got to get an outfit for 20% off!

photo 3

So we waited for the girls to finish and then shopped with them for a while and helped them find some really cute clothes!

photo 4

We were in Buckle for a LONG time, so I found a few things while we were waiting…a couple necklaces, and this!


I’d been casually looking for an oversized watch for a while now. That Karlye is a good saleswoman! :)

Here she is in action:

 photo 5 

We capped off the night with a dinner at Twigs! Always a great time!

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