May 9, 2012

.beta babes party 50s style.

We had our final Beta gathering for the year last night before we take our summer break. The party planners asked everyone to dress 50s style, so we knew we were in for a good time!


The gals had box lunch dinners for us with sandwiches in waxed paper tied with string, potato salad, chips, classic Coke in a bottle, and hot fudge sundaes for dessert.


We played a few games including Name That Tune (made me want to create a “Wake Up Little Susie” Pandora station at work today!), took a 50s quiz, learned the Locomotion, and had a bubble gum blowing contest!

Go Martha!

 IMG_1955  IMG_1957 IMG_1958

oops – got a little in the hair!


Kate got a few good sized ones too!


We took our family picture – minus Maren. Bummer. :)


It took a few tries before we got a decent one! SO silly!

IMG_1963  IMG_1965 IMG_1966  IMG_1968

This was our last Beta with all four of us since Melissa is moving next month. It was fun to share Beta all together!

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