May 2, 2012

.picking a bathroom rug.


As the bathroom transformation gets closer, I’m trying to gather all the pieces so that as soon as it’s ready, I can make it look perfect!

I’m looking for a gray and white or black patterned rug. I did some looking during lunch today and found these…I’m not sure that any of them are exactly what I’m looking for though.

ZigZag Rug from Urban Outfitters


Gray Fallon Rug from Rosenberry Rooms


Merit II Area Rug by Home Decorators

 gray white rug

Quatrefoil Rug by Shades of Light


And, I learned a new word today: quatrefoil. I have been drawn to this pattern lately, even had a phone case with that pattern. Just found out today that it actually has it’s own name! Very cool!

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