May 13, 2012

.mother’s day.

We had a great day with the whole family here after church to BBQ carne asada. Melissa, Karlye, Amber, & I all planned the meal and split up the parts of the meal. Melissa & Ryan brought the chips, salsa, guacamole, & carne asada; Karlye brought a fruit salad; Amber made delicious spanish rice & a strawberry chocolate dessert; and I did the toppings. It turned out great and it was so nice to spend the afternoon with our family.

Mom, Ryan, & Melissa


Mom, Melissa, Ryan, & I


The beautiful Heider girls!


P.S. I made this ( last night after seeing it on Pinterest. It was only about 10:30pm at night. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I got up and looked to see if there was cream cheese in the refrigerator. I figured if there was cream cheese in the fridge, I would make the dip. Lucky me – and lucky you if you make it. It is so so so yummy!

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