May 27, 2012

.priest lake.

These last two weekends, Mom, Grandma, & I have made quick trips to Priest Lake. Grandma had the subfloor replaced this winter and needed to choose new flooring for the kitchen, bedrooms, & bathroom. While we were there, we helped her decide to change the carpet in the living room & hallway as well as paint the kitchen & bathroom. As Melissa said, “The spring of renovation!” Between our house & the lake house, we can’t get away from it!

Just driving down the lane to the lake & our house makes me relax and smile!

photo 1

Last weekend there were beautiful blue skies! When we were there yesterday, it was more windy, cloudy, and gray.

 photo 2

Here’s what it looks like inside the house…everything is topsy turvy and not where it belongs.

 photo 3

 photo 4

The aqua color that we’re going to paint in the bathroom to cover up the gorgeous blue flowered wallpaper!

 photo 5

So, two weekends. Two QUICK trips. Zero relaxing on the deck.
I cannot wait to get up there to unwind and enjoy being there!

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