May 16, 2012

.10 on…the 16th?!. better late than never!

Holy Moly – this is almost a week late. Forgive me?!

1. Our home renovation (or whatever you call it) is pretty much complete. Things are getting put back in order slowly but surely! My bathroom got a makeover – which was badly needed! New paint, new tile, a new shower curtain, color palate, etc. The paint color turned out more blue than gray, which I was kinda bummed about, but with the rugs, towels, and other things on the wall, the color is toned down a bit.

photo 1

I love my necklace storage – and so pretty to look at!

 photo 2

I spent Friday night purging the bathroom of unused beauty items that have been taking up space for WAY too long! 1 1/2 garbage bags full! Feels GREAT!

2. Today marked the completion of proctoring 6 exams in 11 days. Whew! One SAT exam and 5 AP exams. So glad they’re done….but don’t worry – the Algebra, Geometry, and Biology EOCs are coming up in three short weeks plus the ACT at CHS, so there will be plenty of exams to go around. No one get jealous! :)

3. I helped my Mom transfer some files from one file cabinet to another – and found some gems! There were files from when our family moved from Tacoma to Connell…in 1985! I also found this birthday book that my Mom kept for me up until my 5th or 6th birthday – there were spaces for her to write who my friends were, what I liked, etc. plus all the details of my birthday party. I took a picture of this page where it listed my friends that came to my birthday party – Christine, Tracy, Kristiane, & Lindsay. I texted the picture to those girls and said “26 years later and you girls are still my dearest friends!”

 photo 3

4. Amber, Mom, & I hit up some yard sales on Saturday in Pasco to look for books, DVDs, or games for her classroom (5th grade in Basin City!). The funniest part was at one house, Amber found about 7 books and went to the yard-sale-host (what do you call that person?!) and asked how much for the books. The girl said, “how about $1.75 – 25 cents a piece? Is that ok?” Amber said, “oh, that’s not enough! How about $3?” I told her she was the only person I’d ever seen barter to pay MORE at a yard sale! Go figure – and she’s the tightwad of the family!

5. I met up with Kate, Beth, & Kamryn at Melissa’s yard sale on Saturday morning. Kamryn looked like such a big girl with her “sunnies” and ponytail! She gave me a super cute “Happy Godmother’s Day” card that she colored on herself! So sweet!

photo 4

photo 5

6. The craft room is getting some use again. I have a couple little quilts that I need to take pictures of and share that I’ve completed since the craft room has been usable again. I need to bind a table topper, finish piecing a quilt, and quilt two quilt sandwiches that I basted today. Always lots to do!

7. I got to spend a fun evening with some friends last night at Jessica’s Pampered Chef party! Lots of laughing, great food, and some pretty fantastic girls make a fun evening!

8. My first trip of 2012 to Priest Lake is this weekend…”goin’ to the lake, I just can’t wait…just a little place I know up in Idaho!”

9. Everything is winding down at school. The seniors have less than 10 days left at school, everyone is getting antsy for summer, and even my days left til summer are getting close to a month or less!

10. With the craft room/area complete downstairs, I really want to have friends over to get our craft on…but the weekends are BOOKED for the next….WEEKS! Memorial Day, graduation/parties/Farm Chicks, Combine Derby, weddings, Priest Lake, etc. etc. etc. I hope we can find one day that will work!

11. – an extra since this took so long to post. – I read a book this week where the girl accidentally ran over their family dog…and while I read it, I made Samson lay by me. And now tonight, on Revenge, their beloved dog died – and it makes me so sad! It makes my heart drop and scares me for when the inevitable happens for Coco and Samson. I can’t stand to even think about it! I just want to snuggle with them and give them lots of kisses. So sad…

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