March 6, 2012

.recipes from pinterest.

This past week, I made two recipes that I found on Pinterest.

The first one was this Oreo Layer Dessert. This picture doesn’t do it justice, but the picture on the blogpost with the recipes does!

photo 5

It was really easy to make and was soooooo delicious! I want some right now! (Good thing there are two pieces left in the fridge!)

I also made these Nutella No-Bake cookies.

photo 3 

My version didn’t set up like they’re supposed to. They were quite runny when I was plopping them (is that a word?!), but comments I read on the blog said not to put in extra oatmeal even though you’ll want to. So I followed those instructions and was left with too-soft cookies.

photo 4

They taste darn good though! I’d like to try them with a combo of oatmeal and rice krispies. I think that would be yummy! 

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Jessica said...

I have thought about those nutella cookies, but I love the origina ones soooooo much I would hate to NOT love them as much:0