March 29, 2012

.kamryn, paint, carpet, and Lowe’s.

I got to spend some fun time with Kamryn and Kate yesterday! Kate had a volleyball meeting during lunch at the high school, so I grabbed Kamryn and took her to my office. She likes to play with my rubber band ball and immediately spotted my flag. “Cheese?” “Picture?!” She didn’t have to ask me twice!
karmyn (3)
After school, Kate, Mom, Kamryn, and I went to the Tri-Cities so Kate could help Mom pick out carpet, paint, and tile for the basement and bathrooms.

First stop: Starbucks! Kamryn loved the big chairs and tried them ALL out!

 Kamryn was a trooper at the carpet store. She loved the carpet sample displays and we counted them over and over and over….first in English, then in Spanish. That girl is so stinkin’ smart! :)
We went to Lowe’s after that…Kamryn did really good through the paint section. She found another flag, so waving that around took up a good 15 minutes! We picked out different colors, played peek-a-boo through the paint samples, and waved the flag some more. 
karmyn (4)
karmyn (5)
Through the mirror and toilet departments, she got a little more restless.
Mom to the rescue! Rides on this cart are SO fun!
karmyn (1)
Around the corners, back and forth….this girl has got balance!
     photo 1
We finished the evening by going to Chico’s Tacos and Albertson’s. Watch out. :)
I taped up some of the paint samples in my bathroom…I’m leaning toward the middle color. It will be a great improvement over the dated wallpaper, yes?!
photo 2
And the tile in that same bathroom.
 photo 3
Thanks for the expertise, Kate! Such a fun evening!

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Countrylivn' said...

Does Kamryn have red hair? She is getting so big! I love the decorations from the shower, they looked so fun! Have a great spring break!