March 14, 2012

.st patrick’s day.

Last night was our Beta St. Patrick’s Day party! We had yummy food, fun games, and lots of laughs, as usual!

Melissa and Amy

photo 1

This picture is so funny! Melissa was taking a self-portrait of her, Mom, & Amy…Maren jumped in the back and Kate surprised them in the front! Mom’s face is priceless!

 photo 2

Kate and I

 photo 3

Karlye was invited to join Beta and the party was her first event. I think she had fun and she fit right in!
Melissa, Marcie, Mom, and Karlye

 photo 4

Maren likes to join in as an honorary Koch girl, so we let her jump in the picture! :)

 photo 5

Fun night – thanks Jess for starting this fun tradition!

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