March 18, 2012


The Koch gals and Gramma Marcial went to get our nails done today….we go to the same place (LA Nails and Spa on Gage Blvd across from Costco) for about 4 or 5 years now. I like the familiarity and they do a great job! We’ve become “friends” with the nail techs…I’ve ordered pizza over the phone for them, helped explain their daughter’s report card for them, and gave them advice about when to take their daughter out of school to go visit family.

Their son, Tom, has grown up in the nail salon, from being in his exasaucer , to toddling around, to now playing his DS and shooting “guns.”

and he LOVES “Gran-MA”. Loves her. L.O.V.E. LOVES her.
If she doesn’t come with us, they all ask, “where’s Gran-MA?”

He thinks her hair is something amazing and wants to touch it…and says, “What’s that?!”

Today we went in there and he barely left Grandma’s side.
He sat on her lap while she got her nails done…

photo 1

and while her nails dried.

 photo 2

So funny! 
He gives her a BIG hug and barely will let go!

She just loves it – and it makes the nail experience more fun!

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