March 10, 2012

.10 on 10.

Time for another 10 on 10…have you noticed, this is one regularly scheduled post I’ve managed to keep up with three months in a row now? Applause Applause!

Here we go!

1. Loving time with Kamryn right now…she is so funny! She was here the other night and was spinning spinning spinning to keep herself awake. She was loving rocking in the little Kamryn-sized rocking chair my Mom has…singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and rocking so she could see her reflection in the glass on the entertainment center. She’s into high fives, pounding it, and exploding (in that order). She even did it to Samson! She is demanding…”sit” “hugs” “piano.” Who can resist?!

photo 1

These pictures are from before they left for Europe. They got a backpack for her, which should have kept her busy for hours with the multiple buckles!
photo 2

I love this picture of her!

photo 1 

Kate got her a little book of flash cards with a letter from the alphabet along with a picture of an animal that starts with that letter, then the animal’s name in English and Spanish. The funniest one that she can recite is “newt.” Seriously, what 23 month old knows the word “newt?!” Last weekend, she was identifying the newt and I asked her who she was voting for for President…”NEWT!” haha….

2. It was a sad sad day last week when I noticed I’d blown a hole in my favorite gray TOMS. I wear those a couple times a week and they were my most comfortable shoes EVER! And I’m picky about shoes! I quickly ordered a new pair and they arrived on Thursday.  Hallelujah!

photo 2

3. The class I’m an advisor for at the high school sponsored a MORP dance last night. Instead of having formal pictures, we had these casual, fun pictures. These are two of the fun groups of couples!

DSC_0020 DSC_0012

4. I went to Spokane today with Amy, Jessica, and Fran! It was a lot of fun to be with them today and shop for kids clothes, get lunch at The Onion, go to Nordstrom, and get pedicures! The most fun was the trip there and back….those girls can make me laugh!

5. This week is the Reading and Writing HSPE at school….I seriously cannot believe it is March and already time for that. I really cannot believe it! The countdown for Spring Break is on and I’m already thinking about being at Priest Lake in a few months!

6. My Mom & I went to a student production at Richland High School last week called “And Then They Came For Me.” It was a drama production about that Holocaust…the student actors interacted with documentary film. It was really thought provoking and very well done. I read the book that it was based on in one day…and my Mom went to see it again last night with Bonnie. I think the theater productions Tri-Cities schools produce are amazing!

7. Random likes this months:
Song: He’s Mine by Rodney Atkins and Over You by Miranda Lambert
TV Show: Smash & GCB
Nail Polish: Designer…De Better by OPI (I’ve been wearing it for 4 months at least!)

8. I’m pretty excited that flip flop weather is so close…I wore them out of the house for the first time in 2012 yesterday. It was a little cold, but it won’t be long before that’s all I wear!

9. Lamb Weston has been making garlic fries this week. I think it’s terribly unfair that they don’t provide free samples along the roadside or at least a drive through! They smell delicious!

10. I’ve been working on finishing a lot of quilts lately….but I’ve almost made it through my quilt top box…which means I have free range to start new ones! Good thing because I’ve got a bunch to complete! Stay tuned…as if you have a choice!

(That was incredibly pathetic….why don’t you send me some ideas of things I can include on my 10 on 10?!)

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