March 18, 2012

.disaster strikes again.

I went down to the craft room on Thursday night and found water on the floor and rain coming from the ceiling.

photo 1

This is where it was coming from. I quickly got towels to put on the floor, tried to take a bunch of stuff out, saved some fabric that had gotten wet, and called my Dad to figure out where to turn off the water.

 photo 2

This ceiling tile was ready to burst at any second, so I moved everything away from under it and placed buckets under it for when the inevitable happened.

photo 3 

These drawers were full of water…there was water EVERYWHERE!

photo 4

My Mom called the insurance company on Friday morning and by Friday afternoon, restoration experts were here and a plumber came to fix the problem. There was a malfunction in a piece of the pipe coming from my Dad’s bathroom.

The water leak was above a wall separating the craft room from the main area of the basement, so there was water damage on both sides of the wall plus in our freezer room. The restoration company cleared everything out along the wall (including 2 sets of shelves and 2 desks)  and in the main area so they could pull the carpet back. They moved it all into the living room area of the basement. When I went down there yesterday morning, this is what it looked like:

 photo 1

 photo 2

Mom and I spent 3-4 hours on Saturday purging and cleaning out a bunch of this stuff. It had needed to be done for a LONG time. We took a pickup load to the garbage and have a load to take to Goodwill today. It feels really good to finally have that done. There is still much to be done before we can move back into the craft room. Part of the drywall has to be replaced, for one. We’re planning to get some new shelves at IKEA that I’ve been wanting for a while, so that part is exciting!

Today, I’m going to pack up my sewing machine and bring it upstairs for a while. And look around Pinterest for craft room organization…time for some inspiration since we get to change it up a bit! :)

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Countrylivn' said...

Didnt this just happen?? How terrible! I bet you are super frustrated, and annoyed! I hope you get it put back together, what a pain! So sorry!