January 30, 2012

.mega eyelashes.

My friend Brittney (Casper) Mills does eyelash extensions...and my Mom and I decided to get them bfore our cruise last month. I love them! We just got them filled last week...and I had been thinking maybe I didn't want to continue with them because it's an unneccessary expense...but I'm so glad I decided to go ahead and get the fill!

(This picture is from the first time.)
Yesterday I was sitting in church next to my Mom, looked over at her, and said, "Your eyelashes are out of control!" They are so long and thick - without the clumpiness of mascara.
So fun -- so spoiled!


Countrylivn' said...

Wow,I love them, they look so natural! So do you still have to use mascara with them? I would love to be able to skip a step in the morning. Thanks for the review, great to know!

David and Kira said...

I have a neighbor friend who has them and she absolutely LOVES them! No mascara!! They look awesome BTW!!