January 22, 2012

.frances and louise visit WA.

We got to spend the afternoon with Lisa, Frances, Louise, and the rest of the Heider crew today! The girls are growing so much and every time we get to see them, they have new tricks to show us!

Frances got pretty snuggly with Uncle Kev for a while – so cute!

photo 4

Melissa got a new iMac, so she took it to Doug and Vicky’s so that Craig could help her figure it out. It didn’t take long for Photo Booth to come out and play!

Warning: Some of these are SCARY looking!

Louise & I

 Photo on 1-22-12 at 4_09 PM

Melissa, Lisa, and Frances

Photo on 1-22-12 at 4_15 PM _4

Frances loved the special effects!

 Photo on 1-22-12 at 4_16 PM _2

 Photo on 1-22-12 at 4_16 PM _4 Photo on 1-22-12 at 4_16 PM

Frances & Grandma Marcial

Photo on 1-22-12 at 4_17 PM

Frances and Grandpa Doug

 Photo on 1-22-12 at 4_20 PM

Lisa, Doug, and Frances

 Photo on 1-22-12 at 4_21 PM

I wish we lived closer to them – every time we get to spend time together it is so fun!

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