January 29, 2012

.cheer clinic.

Yesterday was the annual cheer clinic.
We had about 60 little girls come to learn a dance, a couple cheers, and to have fun with the big cheerleaders.
I got to have fun with Jessica and Ethan since Emersyn is old enough to get to participate in the cheer clinic! No wonder their momma is tired…this little guy keeps her running!

Here's the entire group! That is a lot of girls!!

At the game, I got to love on this cutie and chat with her momma. My favorite part of going to basketball games!
It was pink night in honor of breast cancer awareness. There was a good mix of purple, gold, AND pink in the crowd!
Kamryn and her chapstick…that girl is mesmerized by chapstick! Last night, she discovered that it can roll up or down. So many fun things about chapstick!
All of the cheerleaders cheered for the boys game – 12 in all! It was fun to see them all together and they were pretty loud too!
Some of my football squad got to stunt….they were so excited. So excited! Did I mention how excited they were? Getting to spend the day with them made me miss seeing them each day for cheer practice.
Madison with her awesome bases: Sommer, Allyson, Selena, and Carly
These two pictures may look pretty identical – above and below. However, look at Madi’s feet in the photo below. This is called a cupie and is very difficult to master because of the way she has to balance. Go Madi!
This was exciting for them to get – we didn’t do this stunt in our season, but Madi felt like she' was flexible enough now. Makes me look forward to next season. I love that they’re always trying to improve without my nudging!
The little cheerleaders were pretty cute running all over the gym waiting for their turn to perform. One cheerleader in particular was super excited! This was her at a previous cheer clinic:
 october 004
And now….getting some help from Madi.
This is Sommer and Allyson’s group. Cheer clinic day is not Sommer’s favorite, but she was a good sport. I think it was in exchange to get to stunt. :)
Madison’s group
Kayla’s group
These were the littlest girls…so cute!
IMG_1746   IMG_1755  IMG_1758
Here’s all the high school girls cheering for the game.
They started getting snappy with me, demanding pictures!!
The extra cheerleaders must’ve helped the boys basketball team – because they beat KiBe by maybe one point – and KiBe had been undefeated. (I’m not sure that that is true – but that’s what I heard at church today!)
“Marcie! Take a picture of us!”
Truckin’ – a crowd favorite!
Sommer and Madi’s favorite – shoulder stands for Eagle Power!
All the girls that got to participate today! We missed Kirston since she was at a cheer competition in Bellevue!
Chelsea, Madison, Emily, Allyson, Sommer, Carly, Vanessa, Madison, Kayla, Selena, and Ariana
The basketball girls with Coach Karlye!
Fun day – but so glad it’s over until the next one in October! :)

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Jessica said...

Emersyn was so excited to see herself on your blog...thanks:) Ethan was not so interested:)