January 10, 2012

10 on 10

In order to beef up my blogging, which seems to have become sparse and rather boring, I’m bringing you this: another copycat idea that I’m going to try for Twenty Twelve. I’ve seen this on other blogs, including my good pal Lyndsay's blog. The idea is basic – post 10 thoughts/ideas/comments on the 10th of the month. I kinda like that idea. :) If you like it too, join in!

1. I knew this was coming…in fact, I anticipated it all during November and December. As soon as we returned from Christmas break, my life at school would become harried and incredibly busy. It happens every year and so now I’m used to it. I like being busy at school – I feel a sense of accomplishment looking back at the end of the day at all that I completed during the day. It’s the end of the semester next week, so that means schedule changing season among a gadzillion other things. Good thing there is a 3-day weekend coming up to look forward to!

2. I got happy mail today! I ordered a table runner pattern from Camille to replace the one I lost last summer in our craft room catastrophe. Read about it here. Not only did Camille send the pattern, she included two fat quarters too! vintage 

Might they be from her new fabric line, Vintage Modern?! Camille – you are THE BEST!

3. Speaking of Vintage Modern…I love everything Camille does and I know Vintage Modern won’t disappoint (houndstooth? be still my heart!). When I saw the 2012 Designer Mystery Block of the Month from Fat Quarter was using Vintage Modern, I knew I had to sign up. I’m not sure what to expect, but I think it will be a great challenge. I’m excited to get started. The first block comes in June!


4. I really need to blog about our vacation, but it’s a daunting task and frankly, intimidating! One day at a time…just do it! Part of the intimidating factor is the mass number of pictures we took. Janica told me about so hopefully I can turn some of those babies into collages and speed up the process of uploading pictures.

5. After working since October to pick a date, my friends Jessica, Amy, Fran, and Bobbie planned to get together last Saturday for a day of craft shopping, pedicures, and lunch. Guess who woke up with the flu? Awesome. I was so looking forward to that day and incredibly disappointed that I didn’t get to join them. I hope we can plan another day soon!

6. The first Beta of 2012 is tonight. We are getting closer to our big fundraiser for the year, the Crafters Getaway! It’s the first weekend in February. I am really looking forward to spending a weekend with friends from many parts of my life and working on craft projects. Want to join us? (Mijken?!) I cut fabric for 4 quilts in the last week. I’m ready to go!

7. Melissa and I got Just Dance 3 for Christmas and haven’t got to play it yet. Maybe we’ll get to this weekend? Melissa got a new car last week to replace the one that was totaled when she was in a car accident in November. It’s a beauty – a black Nissan Rogue. I think it’s a 2008. It has all the fancy-schmancy features…including a sunroof that makes me drool.

8. There is so much AWESOME TV on right now…Grey’s and Desperate Housewives is back, Revenge, Dance Moms, Jersey Couture, Bethenny Ever After…the list goes on. I do love to DVR trashy reality shows to watch while I sew!

9. I have a big commissioned quilting project I’m working. It’s not the most exciting project I’ve ever worked on – but I know that the finished projects will bring a lot of joy to the recipients and so I keep trucking along. My goal is to be done by the Craft Retreat so I can work on my own projects that ENTIRE weekend!

10. Just as quickly as it showed up, the basketball controversy at CHS seems to have died down. I do not want to contribute to the internet frenzy that was created but I will say that I am proud of my little community for sticking together and supporting one of our own. I am so glad to live where I do. A place where, when tough times arise, we become even more united. It’s interesting to watch “newbies” experience this for the first time. Yes, a place like this still does exist. :)

So – what did you think of the 10 on 10? I’d love for you to join me (and Lyndsay).

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Countrylivn' said...

Im here to encourage you to blog about your trip because 1 I want to see more pictures of your sunny vaca and 2 you will already be forgetting some of the fun that happened. The sooner the better, Im sure you have 4 or 5 extra hours this week to kill right!? PS I like the 10 on 10 fun idea.