January 22, 2012

. fun Saturday night .

After being cooped up all week because of the snow and ice, Nick, Kate, and Kamryn got to come to our house on Saturday night to share dinner and play games. Kamryn keeps us entertained all night long.

She is brushing Samson’s hair here—he was a good sport and didn’t really make a move or peep while she was doing it. He’s so tolerant!

kamryn and samson

Kamryn found a bottle of nail polish in our living room and immediately took off her socks to polish her toes. That girl knows where it’s at! :) Luckily, even the adults couldn’t get the cap off the bottle of polish and Melissa took over polishing duties. Kamryn was so serious watching Melissa polish her little toes!

  photo 2 photo 3 photo 1  

I had found a recipe on Pinterest last week that sounded delish, so Mom made it last night. It’s a one-pot pan of red potatoes, chicken, and asparagus with butter and lemon. It was yummy! No pictures since we dove in so fast!

Mom, Melissa, Kate, and I played the game “Carcassonne” which is like Settlers of Cataan, but easier (according to Kate). It’s really fun and I even downloaded the iPad app after Nick and Kate left last night!

Love these days spent with such good friends. Nick made the comment that our house feels like a second home…”for the past 30 years.” :) The feeling is mutual! They’re going to visit Dave and Angie for 2 weeks in February and I’m really going to miss them!!

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