January 24, 2012


Momma said there'd be days like this...
Today was a weird day at school..I don't know if it was the crazy weather or the first day of finals or what. Luckily we were able to laugh about things...the only other option was to cry!
I kept saying that I wanted to go home, watch some mindless television (think Real Housewives or Teen Mom), and forget about today. The State of the Union address was on instead...and while I was yelling back at Obama for his ridiculous comments about education, I realized that was exactly the opposite of what I'd had in mind. I'd be happy to have him come spend a day with me and help me explain to a 19 year old why he can't graduate because he hasn't passed the state test....even though he's made huge progress in 4 years learning English AND jumping through every other hoop we require! I hate when people talk about things like they're experts when really they have NO CLUE!!

On to better distractions from crazy work days...Pinterest!! These are some of my favorite finds from the last week:

I'm obsessing over this necklace.
Can I justify a $200+ necklace? Probably not!

A valentine's day decoration I could actually do!!

Not realistic, but amazing nonetheless!

Jonesing over this quilt. I'm a sucker for plus signs...and I love dark and light gray!

Can someone just make this for me or point me in the direction to buy this?? It's soooooo me!!!

Crossing my fingers tomorrow is better!! Or there will be another pinteresting post to distract me from my real life!

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Jessica said...

That cup IS so you. Oh and in my last comment I forgot to tell how fabulous the water bottles were. LOVE!