January 16, 2012

.beta holiday party.

A few years ago, we switched our Beta “husband/wife” holiday party to January since December is so crazy and hard to pick a date that works for everyone. It was genius – now there is something to look forward to in January and everyone is a lot more laid back and relaxed!

Karen Vanderbilt shared these pictures with my Mom…

Melissa and her “friend” Ryan (there is a funny story behind that “friend”…)

photo 1

Amy Kleinbach and my Mom

 photo 2

Kate and I

 photo 3

The guys:
Dad, Nick and Eric Mauseth

 photo 4

Dave Kleinbach and Zach Fife

 photo 5

Rich and Amy Carmody and Andy, Teresa, and Eileen Sawyer

  photo 2

Danny and Martha Holt and Tom and Jennifer Walker

photo 3 

Dana Soltero and Bob Vanderbilt

photo 4

So much fun with the Beta Babes! We know how to have a great time!

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