July 31, 2011

.tiffany’s bridal shower.

This afternoon, my Mom, Aunt Kim, Karlye, and Amber hosted a bridal shower for my cousin Kevin’s fiancé Tiffany. It was held at Tagaris Winery – which was a beautiful location!


It was a fun opportunity to use my new camera! I love the quality of pictures it takes!

We got some cousin pictures before everyone arrived.

IMG_0129 IMG_0130  IMG_0133

We did a goofy shot…and I had just given Melissa a wet willie. hehe


They had lots of nice touches…


The hostesses! Karlye, Amber, Mom, & Kim


One of the best parts about the day was that my cousin Lisa is here right now from Virginia – so we got to spend the afternoon with her and her daughter Louise. Frances got to stay with Grandpa Doug. Louise was the star of the show! We all had a little photo shoot with Louise!

IMG_0151  IMG_0153  IMG_0156  IMG_0158

Melissa and Lisa


Louise and Great-Grandma Marcial


Ready for nap time!

   IMG_0173 IMG_0174

Mom made bracelets for Tiffany and Vicky…


Karlye painted these terracotta pots with chalkboard paint and then wrote love words on them with chalk. The one in Melissa’s right hand said “Attact.” It was supposed to say “attach” – but we were giving Karlye a bad time all afternoon for having “attack” as a love word. HAHA!!


Amber got a little bored ferrying gifts back and forth! She was jealous of us having a good time making the bow bouquet.


Frances “wrote” in this card for Tiffany and identified her drawings. So cute!


My Aunt Vicky, my Mom, and my Aunt Kim.


The bow bouquet! We made tissue paper flowers out of the damask tissue and made rosettes out of the white tissue.

  IMG_0202 IMG_0206IMG_0203     IMG_0209  

This cute little redhead is my Aunt Vicky’s niece Kamryn. She loved Louise!

IMG_0213 IMG_0214    IMG_0218

The hostesses with the guest of honor, Tiffany.


All the Heider girl cousins – missing Frances!


The Cochrane/Heider ladies.


Kamryn got bored so she was playing games on my phone!


The grandma’s with Tiffany. Grandma Marcial Heider and Grandma Jackie Pouley (Vicky’s Mom).


The Heider/Cochrane/Pouley’s -
Lisa, Jackie, Jordan, Paige, Tiffany, Vicky, Louise, and Cindy.


Melissa gave Louise a lemon….poor girl!

IMG_0258 IMG_0259

It was a nice afternoon to spend with family!

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