July 11, 2011

.just another monday.

Yesterday, my Mom’s Mary Engelbreit daily calendar said, “Vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.” That’s exactly how I’m feeling! I love it!

This morning started off by taking a round trip Franklin/Adams county tour starting by going out Hendricks Rd to Radar Hill to Kameron & Christine Jenks’ house. Then Radar Hill to Othello to the vet to have Samson’s stitches removed. On to downtown Othello where my plan was to get a smoothie to treat myself. I ordered in the drive through at McDonald’s then reached in my purse to grab my wallet. It wasn’t there. Oh right, it was still on my bed where I left it this morning after paying some bills. Awesome. I had to tell the guy at McD’s that I had to cancel my order since I just realized I forgot my wallet at home. He probably thought I was such an idiot!!
Anyway – from there to Johnson’s farm to drop some things off for Kate and then on home.

I went downstairs as soon as I got home and went to work on this table runner using scraps I had from other quilting projects.

photo 1

It’s using Camille’s “It’s the Little Things” pattern. I’ve had this pattern since I first began quilting and had never made it. I don’t know why because I love this!!

 photo 2

It even has a little flower embellishment!

 photo 3

I think I even have enough fabric leftover to make one more of these which is great because I have some wedding gifts to bust out.

This afternoon I vegged with Samdawg and watched Oprah & Dr. Phil. I researched online how to use a Silhouette cutting machine (Melissa has one and has never used it. Shameful, I know!). I made dinner for Dad & I and am now chillaxing watching Design Star. Nice day!

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