July 19, 2011

.a new crafting adventure.

Our bulletin board is covered with wedding announcements – a sure sign of summer! Former students, Jr Miss participants, cheerleaders, and family friends…it’s so fun to receive these announcements! However, finding wedding gifts for each of these special couples (and sometimes bridal shower gifts too) is difficult!

I have seen super cute wedding gift tutorials on blogs and on Pinterest using a Silhouette, vinyl, and a Pyrex baking dish. I kept bugging my friend Megan to figure out how to use the Silhouette machine…Melissa has one but hasn’t ever really used it and I have no idea how to work it either. I read tutorial after tutorial…and figured out, DUH! I can use a Cricut, which I have AND know how to use!! I bought a couple Pyrex 9”x13” baking dishes, black vinyl, and transfer tape – oh and glass etching cream.

photo 4

Out of vinyl, I cut out two last names. I used the transfer tape to transfer the vinyl to the Pyrex baking dish. I put on my fancy yellow gloves to protect my hands from the toxic cream and spread the cream onto the dish with a foam brush.

photo 2

I let it sit for 1 1/2 hours and then put the pretty yellow gloves back on to wash it off with warm water and soap. I peeled away the vinyl and wha la! Glass etched Pyrex dishes perfect for a new couple when they need to take a dish somewhere.

photo 1    photo 4

I think this is a way classier way to identify a dish…rather than using masking tape and a sharpie. haha

photo 1  photo 3

And so, chances are, if you’re getting married and you send me an announcement – you’re probably getting one of these. Hope you like it! :)  


Jessica said...

so cool!!!!

Countrylivn' said...

OHHHH! I like, we got one for a Christmas gift and I LOVE it, I thought it took a machine to make, not so though I see.... is the etching stuff expensive? I guess I could google it, All of the newly weds will love them!