July 21, 2011

I woke up to another beautiful morning at Priest Lake. Today the weather is a little chilly so I'm under a quilt snuggling with Samson while watching the Today Show. Bonnie & Jeff are coming today to spend some time with us!

This was Samson yesterday in the car....I think I'll start calling him Rip Van Winkle.

We got to go to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale yesterday. I love going to Nordstrom!! I ordered two pairs of shoes and got a sweet new iPhone cover. Melissa found some really cute clothes. I'm on the lookout for a chunky layered purple necklace (could go with crystal, rhinestone, or black too) to go with my dress for Kevin's wedding.

We made it back to the lake in time to go to Hill's for Sushi Wednesday & live music with Mike and Sadie Wagoner. That's one of my favorite things to do here!

This was the view from our deck this morning when I took Samson out. Looks like it will be an inside day. I brought some unfinished sewing projects that have been wasting space in the craft room for over a year now. Hopefully I can get those finished!


An Epic Event said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to get there again! We will be there Saturday am. How long are you staying?

The McGary's said...

You're supposed to tell me it is WARM over there. I am nervous it is going to be too cold to do much outside when we get there. It was cold here today too though so maybe it will warm up in the next couple days. You always have such a relaxing time while you're there, for me it seems like so much work. I need to go without my kids one time and just enjoy the peace and quiet :)