July 25, 2011

.robin and will.

Last night, Mom and I went into Spokane to meet Melissa (who was getting a ride to Spokane from Kortneigh Kelly-Thank You!!) and then to meet Robin & Will Mangus for dinner. Robin and I met at Whitworth our freshman year when she lived in Shalom with Tracy. Then we lived together our junior and senior years in our duplex on Holland with Andrea and Courtney.

Robin and Will live in Boulder, CO and came to WA for a PNW visit for Robin's 30th birthday. I'm so glad we could see each other. It had been 8 years!!

We met at one of our favorite restaurants that we frequented in Spokane-Tomato Street!! It was just as delicious as ever. I love that they keep their menu virtually the same and haven't changed what works-the bread, the atmosphere, and the waiters writing their name upside down on the butcher paper on the table as they introduce themselves.

Thanks for taking time during your vacation to meet up with us, Robin & Will!!

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