July 8, 2011

.4th of July Priest Lake style.

Our 4th of July week at Priest Lake was definitely more laid back and relaxed than it has been in years past. It was just Mom, Karlye, Amber, & I but it was great to be with K & A to catch up with them. We haven’t all got to spend much time together recently, so it was fun to be together.

We played a lot of cards (Progressive Rummy, 500 Rummy, Speed, and Nertz), taught Karlye & Amber how to play Speed Scrabble, read, sewed, beaded, tanned, watched movies (Country Strong, Burlesque, and Eat, Pray, Love), and just enjoyed relaxing.

We had dinner at Cavanaugh Bay, went to Sushi Wednesday at Hill’s and introduced Karlye & Amber to Mike Wagoner’s music, had dinner with Strohmaier’s, got ice cream at Tamarak, got Coolin Bay sandwhiches at Leonard Paul, and checked out the Coolin Maul at the dump. Just a few of our favorite things!

Samson wasn’t very good at playing catch with his cone on….haha

2 (2)

Someone is wearing Amber’s suit! ;)


Coco relaxing on her favorite chair…she snuggles in like no other on that chair!


I took Samson’s bed so he’d be comfortable on the deck – it worked great. I’d tell him to get in his bed and he’d stay there the whole time we were on the deck! This time he had his nose to the house like he was in trouble. No idea why…

photo 1

His froggy legs are so funny!

photo 5

I took my new camera and was excited to try it out. Too bad I forgot the manual. I still played around with it and got some nice pictures!

 IMG_0019 IMG_0022

On Thursday evening, a storm rolled in. It had been predicted all week and as it got hotter and more humid, the storm was imminent. I love a good storm, so this was not disappointing. As our neighbor said, “We don’t want anything wimpy – give us a good one.”

I took a lot of pictures – the sky was so dark!

 IMG_0033  IMG_0035 

This is from out the back door – a rainbow was on the water!


And a rainbow out the front door! (I kept trying to get it with different settings since I know NOTHING about the settings and what goes with what.

 IMG_0041 IMG_0042 IMG_0043      

The storm moved to Cavanaugh Bay and it looked like they were getting quite the downpour.

IMG_0051  IMG_0053   IMG_0056 IMG_0057 IMG_0058


A little later – another storm came through. Both of the storms came with thunder, rain, and lightning…just like I like it!

  IMG_0061 IMG_0062 IMG_0063 

I love this with the rain on the water.


Another rainbow!

 IMG_0068 IMG_0069  

I promise I will not post this many pictures all the time just because I got this fun camera. This storm was too great to miss out on though!

We came home today from Priest Lake…we’ll head back next Friday. We came home because my cousin Kevin is having his bachelor party there this weekend. Not sure the lake is ready for that party. It could get kinda crazy!!

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